Why do people join FLOOF?

FLOOF rescue

So many rescue dogs and so many rescues out there.

All having one aim, to help rescue dogs, get them on their feet again and into a safe and loving home.

Most are charities and all rely on an army of unpaid volunteers to run their website, social media accounts, fundraising and the day to day running of the rescue. They need help in providing road trains to get dogs from one place to another, fosterers to help whilst the dog can be assessed and then adopters who understand that whilst these dogs may not be perfect, they are utterly adorable.

So what makes FLOOF special?

We are not just an army of volunteers, we are a family of volunteers.

We are family to our rescue dogs, past, present and future.

We are family to our fosterers and adopters.

We are family to anyone and everyone who participates in any way they can. Be it in our FLOOF 100 club, buys or donates something for the auction or helps in a road train. Or comes along to one of any meetups and events.

And, here is what people say about us

I joined as I have a rescue, not a FLOOF rescue, but you guys were recommended on so many pages for being friendly and caring …. L.C.

Chats, tips and to see other great little frenchies, great little group …R.S.L

Just love how these guys go from zero to hero with the love and support of this amazing group …A.D

Do you think you can help?

There are so many ways to help, join our Facebook page and see what we do and the little frenchies we do it all for.

Sign up to foster, adopt, help in road trains or just to see how wonderful our group is.