Nothing to do with trains, but when we need to uplift a dog it may be several hours away from the final destination, so we all chip in.

For example, we needed to get a dog all the way from Nottingham down to the South Coast meaning a drive of over 8 hours round trip. So, one of our FLOOF volunteers picked up a dog from Nottingham and then drove to meet another at Leicester, who then drove to Luton with the dog to meet another of our group who took over the trip down to Dartford and then the last leg down to the South Coast by another member of FLOOF to hand over to the foster carer. A toal journey time of over 4 hours for a dog who may be upset and traumatised by the whole thing.

Sometimes, we have prior warning of needing a road train but at other times it may need immediate action. It is all dependant on the situation the dog is in. But it needs a logical approach for timings and also what our volunteers can do and their family situation. So our management team have their work cut out organising these. So, when you see a shout out for a road train - it is your chance to meet the rescue first and see first hand what FLOOF is all about.

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