About Us

We are a UK based French Bulldog rescue, run by friendly and dedicated volunteers.  The group was set up in response to seeing the inhumane treatment of some French Bulldogs. Some of these poor dogs are currently living in horrible conditions, left outside, cold, abused and often denied veterinary care. 


We understand there are other rescues out there that people can surrender to, and it’s not uncommon for the owners of breeding dogs to seek a financial gain when moving a dog on. We prefer not to purchase dogs, but we will if we think there is a genuine welfare risk. Even when sold on for what is said to be a “cheap price”, these poor dogs are very much still at risk, and are often purchased by other breeders or for use as bait dogs.


We are not going to be able to help every dog, we know that. But through fundraising and education ,we can make a difference together. With your help and support we will be able to change the lives of these dogs, and give them a happy and healthy life.


FLOOF believes in transparency, all updates will be posted here or on our social media pages. You will always be kept informed of the status of every dog we have. We encourage the foster/adoption families to post , so you can see how they are improving.....and the difference you have made. We will post regular financial updates, detailing monies raised , received and expenditure. The rescue is in the process of registering as a charity.



We welcome your comments, feedback and questions. Contact us on fortheloveofourfrenchies@gmail.com