Application To Foster/Adopt.

Please use this online form to apply to foster , adopt or both. Simply complete the fields, and  click submit. No downloading and no fuss. You can use any device to complete this form.

Please read the questions carefully and give full answers. Missing information greatly reduces your chances of being successful.

Once submitted your application will automatically be passed to the Homechecking and Rehoming Teams, who will be in touch once all your references have been received.

YOU MUST supply two people to act as references for you (not relatives). REFEREES MUST HAVE KNOWN YOU FOR A MINIMUM OF THREE YEARS. Please enter their contact information where requested.

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PLEASE NOTE; we need to see a letter or your tenancy agreement that states you have permission to have a dog. This must be received before we go ahead with the Homecheck. Please send to with your postcode as a reference
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Occupancy Details
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Please note that a household with young children may not always be a suitable environment for some of the dogs that come into FLOOF, owing to their previous circumstances or experiences.
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