Presley's Journey


For those of you who don’t know Presley’s story, he was a sad surrender in April 2019 by his owner due to guarding his mummy and trying to bite his daddy and skin brothers and the family just could not cope anymore. He was not fond of other dogs either. The family had tried a behaviourist but the main suggestion was a calmer household - which was not possible within the family.

The family immediately thought of FLOOF as they knew that they would do whatever they could for this boy, as the team are devoted to the dogs.

But to find a home that is kid and dog free is difficult and especially as Presley needed firm boundaries and training they felt he needed an experienced owner - not an easy task. But the team set to work looking for that all important person.

An emergency shout out went onto the Facebook page but only one person came forward but then decided they would be unable to give Presley everything he needed.

So, FLOOF were faced with a dilemma, how to help Presley, a 17 month french bulldog pup with dreadful rescource guarding, who needed a dog and child free home. Well, a month went by and they still were no further forward in being able to rehome this boy. FLOOF were in constant contact with the family during this time to see if anything had changed, but unfortunately it wasn’t changing and when on a visit to the vets the vet suggested to start muzzle training as Presley was so anxious and upset.

The family were very upset at having to give up their pet but they knew that this was the only way forward. They asked a multitude of questions as any loving family would do, all about the family he would be going to, what if he doesn’t get on there, and we gave them as much information as we could to help relieve their fears.

Normally, it would take, at the most, a couple of weeks to find a home for a surrendered dog, but Presley, with all his troubles took over 6 weeks to find a home with a lady who lived alone with no other pets. It was agreed she would work closely with FLOOF and our behaviourist to help Presley in the upcoming months.

But then, the mummy changed her mind and felt she could not let Presley go.


Presley’s mummy got in touch again as massive changes were going on in her household and she felt that she must now rehome Presley.

It didn’t take as long this time to find what we thought would be the perfect home, a young single lady with no pets, but it wasn’t to be as although she tried Presley needed someone with more experience of his complex needs. So again, Presley was on the move.

An older couple with no young children and no pets came forward and off he went, and with all fingers crossed the team hoped this would be his forever home. And so, on 27th June, Presley was collected by his new foster/adoption mummy and taken to his new home.

But, on 11th July, Presley took a serious dislike of the couples 20 year old son and had to be moved.

It was felt that Presley had serious behavioural issues that were not going to be easily resolved. But, we found a foster home that was very close to our behaviourist who was going to work very closely with him and visit him and the foster family to try and get his aggression under control. Presley was very unpredictable and would try to bite for no apparent reason. He was very troubled and it was 2 steps forward but 10 back. Everyone loved him dearly and when in a good mood was the most loving boy.

But, it was not to be. Presley became very aggressive and the foster family felt they could no longer take the risk and asked for him to be moved.

What were FLOOF to do?

We couldn’t rehome him knowing these issues as we felt that if he did attack we would be at fault for putting a family, and him, in this position. So, the team investigated FLOOF’s options and they found a rehabilitation centre not too far, at a cost of £12 per day. But, the team felt this was Presleys only hope. We put this message out to our members who instantly bought a ‘Day For Presley’ at the centre and he was going to be there for about 6 weeks. From that we would see how he got on and what our next course of action would be.

Whilst Presley was in the kennels the team were in constant contact with his progress, which was slow but it was forward steps, which was good news. The team were also still continuing to look for a home for him and someone had come forward, he had previously rehomed a dog with similar issues and with discipline and strong boundaries was now a loving pet. So, with everything crossed FLOOF were hoping this was going to be his final move.

So with a phone call to the centre we told them that we had a home for Presley to go to, so when would he be a good time for him to be collected.

So, on 3rd September off his new foster daddy went to collect Presley. And everyone was on tenderhooks, just hoping that this was his final move and the happy ever after we all so desparately wanted.

Once home, Foster Daddy put a crate out for Presley, in case he wanted a safe space. And the meeting with the resident dog went fairly well with Presley having a small spat but he was soon put in his place by her.

The first few days went exceedingly well with foster daddy taking Presley and the resident dog to work with him which helped with giving him plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

This is what the foster daddy said ‘ he is a fast learner, he has had a few spats and then he gets put in his crate and then we start again - have started treat based training so we have sit, paw & heal on the go and also some recall. He has had a few spats with my other dog but she put him in his place so he hasn’t tried it again. He has tried twice with me but is learning that doesn’t work either - a hand flat up and a firm NO!!. Its starting to work and once calm he gets a treat. His trait is being possessive so once he learns that he is part of our pack family and gets his place. he does have a really sweet and gentle side.
He has been good meeting different people - and only got over excited once but very well behaved. Totally tired out now and fast asleep.

And, on the 10th September the BIG QUESTION, would you like to adopt Presley? was asked and the answer was a massive YES PLEASE.

So Presley was home. And nobody was happier than Presley and all of us at FLOOF.

All throughout this time the team were in constant daily contact with the foster daddy and giving twice weekly updates on the Facebook page to all our members so they could track also his progress.

Now, Presley is home he is a different boy, he works with his daddy and fur sister outside all day and at night loves nothing more than a snuggle with his fur sister on the sofa.

What an amazing achievement and all made possible with the belief that this dog could be changed with firm boundaries. Love is not enough, all dogs need to know their place and without boundaries they do not reach their full potential.

All of us at FLOOF want to thank everyone involved in the rise of Presley and for all our members for the love (and donations) and without them, Presley would not be the boy he is now.

JUST LOOK AT ME NOW - I have the very best life - Thank you #TeamFLOOF for giving me my WOOF back xxx

JUST LOOK AT ME NOW - I have the very best life - Thank you #TeamFLOOF for giving me my WOOF back xxx