Charity Status.

UPDATE 15/06/19

Well, they have finally got to our submission but we have to update a few things as the working was slightly wrong. But they have helped us and have suggested how to amend. So, once again sent in, but we are in the system so it shouldn’t be long now.

Fingers crossed

update 28/05/19

Its unbelievable but we are still waiting on the Charities Commision. We have had several letters from them saying that due to the backlog, they haven’t got round to our application yet.

We can only wait.

UPDATE 24/02/19

We are still waiting for the Charity Commission to confirm our status as they have a backlog and we hope to be able to confirm the decision soon.

We have also amended our trustees to include Sandra Whiffen and Chez May.

UPDATE 07/01/19

Our application has been submitted, and is being considered. We expect a decision in a few weeks.

We are delighted to announce that we have begun the charity registration process.

We will be registering as a foundation charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) , which allows us some commercial leeway to fundraise. The CIO will be governed by a team of trustees working to a set of rules (the governing document). Our new charity name will be FLOOF UK French Bulldog Rescue.

Initially we have to appoint three trustees to submit the application, and write the governing document. I have asked Sandra Whiffen and Terry Brown to fill these positions , along with myself.

The "first trustees" will be meeting in the next two weeks to formalise and sign off the governing document before submission to the Charity Commission.

Once we get charity status, we will appoint more trustees. These positions will be fixed term appointments, so everyone will get a chance to apply to be a Trustee (if they wish to). We expect the charity registration process to take a couple of months.

In real terms, this will have no impact on the running of the's business as usual. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kellie Fairhall

Founder And Trustee.