The good, the bad and the ugly. The unwanted ones, the unloved, the underfed and the unwashed. The breeding machines and the money making schemes.

These dogs have had a hard life. They have had some of the above and some have had all of the above. They have lived in a cold shed in the garden or in a crate for most of the day.

But now it is THEIR TIME TO SHINE.

Which is why we want to choose the very best home for them with love, cuddles, a warm bed, fresh food and water, walks, social outings.

All FLOOF volunteeers raise money to ensure the vet bills are covered for these Special Ones, we do not cut costs on their welfare and we will not compromise on their furever home.

If you think that you are up for a challenge, and it will be one, then we are sure there is your Special One out there - just be prepared to have your heart burst when you finally get there.