Millie's Story.


Millie had been advertised on a selling site for a while at £350. We had been alerted by concerned members several times, but we just didn’t have the funds. Millie was being advertised as suffering from a prolapse, so she had been playing on all of our minds for a few weeks.

One of our admin team secured Millie for £250, but it was proving difficult to get to her. Her owner was basically saying, ‘first come could have her’.Thankfully one of our lovely members (along with her sister) collected Millie, but they were shocked at what they saw. Poor Millie was by the back door in the kitchen, and freezing cold. She had clearly just been brought in from outside (as the owner wanted us to ring him before we knocked on the door).

One of our members had her overnight, and reported she was scared of men (and was cowering in fear). Once in a nice warm bed she settled, but as expected was still very scared (and wouldn’t leave the kitchen).

Next morning she was collected by an experienced foster mum, and went straight to the vets. The vet's confirmed she needed surgery, which could cost £1,500.00. Even without the funds, we decided to proceed with her surgery. Her operation went well, and she returned to her foster mum's to recover.


Millie is recovering well, but remains quite nervous. She hides in the garden, and needs a lot of reassurance to come into the house. Millie has met her fur family, and had a good explore. She appears to be settling well, and we'll keep you updated.

Can we say a huge thank you to everyone that donated towards her care (£863.00 so far), if you can make a small donation, all the details are here. We still need to raise at least another £300.00.

Please keep her in your thoughts, she has a long way to go in her recovery.


MILLIE IS HOME. A happy ending for this little girl, who's come so far in just a month. She is delighted to be adopted by her foster family. 

JULY 2018.

Three months after being rescued, here's how she looks. Stunning !