We adopted Maud AKA Daisy just over a month ago after applying. We wanted to foster then adopt to make sure our new addition and our resident frenchie got on (it is all about the dogs and their best interests), from start to finish, home check, application and after care and advice the Team have been nothing but professional, efficient & supportive ... needless to say after a few days Miss Daisy was going nowhere.
— MS 13/03/2019
Sadly we found ourselves needing to rehome our little frenchie girl this year. It was not an easy decision to make & I can honestly say it broke our hearts. But the ladies at FLOOF made the process easier by being understanding, compassionate and non-judgemental. They found a lovely home for our girl for which we will be forever in their debt. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— GG 13/03/2019
We intially got a scary report about Floyds behaviour, but as we have no children or other pets decided to foster him. and it was the best decision EVER! FLOOF were transparent with all of the information and didnโ€™t try and cover up any of his previous behaviours> Needless to say, with love, care and a never ending supply of food HE IS AMAZING. FLOOF have also been amazing from fostering to - โ€˜of course we want to adoptโ€™, within 2 days he was a โ€˜foster failโ€™. I cannot thank you enough for the joy u have given us in Floyd.
— SK