Adopting A Dog


All of our dogs are assessed in foster for at least two weeks. We do detailed behaviour assessments and we will make a full disclosure to you during the adoption process. We will also aim to resolve any medical issues and neutering prior to rehoming. 

All rescue dogs come with ‘baggage’. Expect the odd accident, fight, chewed furniture, chewed shoes or clothes, sleepless nights, snoring, farting, smelly breath and vet trips. There is a lot of useful info on our Education page.

Please consider all this before applying for a FLOOF dog.

Having said that, you will be giving the dog a second chance at life. Many of our dogs have had a miserable existence prior to surrender. They have so much love to give. Our team try to match the dog to your home and your lifestyle. Occasionally we do get it wrong, but not very often.

If you are successful in your application, the dog will come to you on a two week trial basis. This is to ensure the best possible home for the dog. We recommend that you download and read our Fostering Guidelines.

All dogs adopted from FLOOF UK French Bulldog Rescue come with 5 weeks FREE pet insurance - whatever their age. We even have an educational video for you to help understand.


We do charge an adoption fee. This covers vaccinations, neutering (where appropriate), vet health checks, flea and worming and possibly microchipping. This helps us recoup some of the money we have spent on the dog (although on average we make a net loss). 

Currently we charge:-

£550 if the dog is 1 year or under

£450 if the dog is 1 - 2 years,

£350 if the dog is aged between 2 years and up to 6 years

£200 if the dog is over 6 years and up to 7 years.

Over 7 years, a donation of your choice.

We are unable to accept the adoption fee payment in installments.

adoption trial

All dogs will be placed in their new home for a 14 day trial period. If you and the dog are not compatible he/she can be returned to FLOOF. If you decide to proceed with the adoption, the adoption fee is payable at this point.

Once the fee is paid we will issue an adoption contract for you to print off, sign and keep. You are then the legal owner of the dog and responsible for it's care and health. We do occasionally rehome unneutered dogs and their neutering will be added as a condition to the adoption contract. We strongly recommend that you take out your dog insurance as soon as you become the legal owner


We are always happy to help you post adoption. We have a team of experienced volunteers including a behaviourist and a vet nurse to help your new rescue dog settle in. We love receiving updates and photos to share with our supporters. If you are unable to keep your adopted dog for any reason it must be returned to FLOOF UK. Adoption fees are not refundable.

To begin your application to adopt (or foster)  a rescue dog, please complete and submit this form.