Buster G Bounces Back

We love a happy ending, and our team are constantly amazed at how quickly these tough little dogs recover after years of mistreatment.


meet buster g

Buster came to FLOOF UK in August 2018. We were tipped off that he was on a selling site, and looked in a poor condition.

He was very thin (9.3kg), and had a solid mass on his back leg. Buster went straight to the vets, and the lump was removed a few weeks later, Thankfully it was fully excised with clear margins.

regaining his health

His foster family (who went on to adopt) did an incredible job helping this gentle lad recover his health. Buster (now known as Ralph) gained weight and condition quite quickly, and by early October weighed 12.5kg. He settled in well in his new home, and bonded well with his furbrother and sister.

Sadly Ralph lost both his siblings in December 2018.



introducing the happy couple

We were able to place another FLOOF foster dog with Ralph, and they bonded very quickly. Noelle became Nelly and was adopted by this wonderful family (January 2019).

Ralph and Nelly are inseparable, and we couldn’t be happier. We wish them many happy years together.

You can follow the happy couple on Instagram.