From Ex-Stud to Loved Family Member

So, Frank. What can I say about You.

Well, Frank is a retired ex-stud, who the breeder no longer had any use for. It has been bragged that he has sired over 40 litters, earning a small fortune for the breeder, yet, Frank was left to live outside in all weathers. He really was a petrified old man.

We collected Frank and took him to the first place he could ever call ‘home’ and this is his forever story ………..

After taking Frank to the vets his foster family have reported that Frank has a heart murmur, grade 2 but his chest is clear, so not a major concern.

He has an inflamed eye, so inflammed as it has been left untreated and he is blind in that eye. Not sure if this is permanent but he will have a course of antibiotics and anti inflammatories and we shall just have to wait and see. His other eye has scarring and will be monitored.

He also has little lumps on his legs where he was left without any protection from the hard concrete floor on which he was left to lay on for too long. They may be permanent now. Both his ears are scarred too.

This poor boy was really unfairly treated and let down by humans.


Frank is really taking his time to learn what it is like to be a loved indoor dog. He is slowly coming out of his shell and learning to trust his foster mum, FLOOF are supporting the family and watching his progress is magical but tinged with sadness.

Frank is so broken, he sat by himself in the garden today too weary to come in, he was gently coaxed but some of these dogs really test our belief in humanity, thankfully this is outweighed by the goodness of our supporters.

“Hes doing fab, he is alot more alert today and take all his meds and eaten 3 times. he will come out about 3ft now before wanting to go back in after a stroke at arms length. He actually nudged me when I stopped. I have to call him for him to come out. Madam (our other dog) just sits near him!

It is heartbreaking when its dark and he goes outside. During the day he walked back in confidently. But the dark its like I have to give him permission to come in. But I guess he doesn’t know different.

A couple of friends called round earlier and he was absolutely fine. Still came and sat near me.

He only lets you stroke him at arms length but that will improve im sure , hes already letting his guard down by letting us stroke him more.

He doesn’t leave the area around the crate by around 3ft now. Which is already an improvement. I have to pick him up to go outside for his business. He gets lots of fuss when he comes back in so he knows its a good thing to be inside.

We’ve been sitting on the floor alot today so he can just come to us. Hopefully moving back a bit by bit. But i believe in him. He’ll get there. X”
— Foster Family words

He is such a heart breaker and we are so pleased he is making small steps forward with the help and love of his foster family xx

But not internally thankfully. He can only be walked in the garden for now

He is currently in his little 'man cave' and will now be loved and nursed back to health 
It's probably the first time in a very very long time he's felt a soft blanket beneath him but this gentleman will now only know what it is to be warm,healthy, comfortable and loved


fast forward 3 months

Well, look at our Frank now!

Handsome Frank has now moved on to his forever home and we just know he's going to have a ball however, we would all like to take this opportunity to thank his foster mum and sister for every second they have spent in the past weeks coaxing him out of his shell. 
Frank was a stud dog, he is 8 years old and was proudly being sold having sired 40 litters and was living outside. 2 amazing volunteers got Frank across the country to his foster home and I know seeing this scared old man will stay with them. 
Frank was broken, he spent days in his safe space, refused to come in from the garden and didn't do anything dog like at all. 11 weeks, 11 weeks of patience, dedication, putting plans on hold, just being there and nursing him back to health. 
Now he has a new lease of life, Frank isn't a bouncy boy, he doesn't play but he deserves to live out his days in comfort and warmth. I'd like to extend our gratitude to the family who have got him there and wish Frank and his new family all the best. We can't wait to see what's to come


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Or help us by volunteering to be part of a road train, or even to foster or adopt. We would love to have you on our Team … and so would Frank.