The Phone Never Stops.

One of the unique things about volunteering for a dog rescue, is that life is never quiet ! There are days when the phone never stops pinging, even at Christmas.

Despite enlarging our teams with more volunteers, we still find ourselves stretched at times. Most of our team work, have families and commitments….including their own dogs ! Most days start at about 7am, and can continue well past 2am

We are forever grateful to these people, who make the whole thing work so well. But it’s been a tough year for us, with 90 dogs taken in since April 1st. We’ll end the year with around 24 dogs in foster.

It’s been no conincidence that the introduction of Lucy’s Law, has led to a higher than normal number of surrenders from breeders. We expect this trend to continue for another year. We’ve also been able to help other rescues when their foster homes are full.

Frenchies are tough little beasts, and we never cease to be amazed how quickly they respond in foster (even if they are really shut down and withdrawn on surrender).

Sadly we have had to also make some tough and heartbreakling decisions, this has a lasting effect on the team and we appreciate their dedication to continue to care for our dogs.

Our foster homes have been in great demand this year. Dog free/cat free/child free are always at a premium. Here’s the link to apply

Fundraising is always hard, and we are expecting a flurry of bills just after Christmas. We make a net loss of about £400 on average for each dog that comes in. It’s very rare to take a surrender that is ready to go !

On behalf of the dogs who have been rehomed (and those still in care), can we say a huge thank you to our donors, supporters and sponsors.

Our charity staus is not far off now, which will help greatly. If you are looking to donate or contribute, here’s the link.

Our best wishes to all our volunteers, foster families, Adopted families, donors and sponsors for the festive period.

Merry Christmas from FLOOF UK

Kellie Fairhall.

Sandra Whiffen

Terry Brown


FLOOF UK French Bulldog Rescue.