Love at first FLOOF

My husband and Daughter had been at me for over a year about getting a dog. I had a dog as a child – Charlie, a Rough Collie that thought he was the size of a Jack Russell! He was my best friend and we got up to all sorts together, so I knew Izzy would be a great skin sister as well but I also knew Mummy would end up doing all the work!

So I set them various challenges about behaviour and responsibility but secretly was getting home checked and doing my research!

When Peggy came up again for Adoption I knew it was meant to be! Peggy (Mitchell) was coming home to the pub I run! On Collection day I arranged to meet her lovely Foster Daddy and Foster Skin sister. Then told my husband and daughter we were off to collect a barrel for the pub!

When we arrived we meet at the pub and I had to admit I might have told some fibs! That Peggy was in fact the barrel we had come to collect! She was coming home with us for two weeks to see how we got on.

Now I’m not going to pretend it’s easy. Having a new dog on her third home is stressful for her and you. You need time and patience and it’s just like being a first time mum all over again! Are you doing the right thing, feeding them right walking them right and everything else you can worry about! But I had a phone full of help from the guys at FLOOF, they have been fab and so helpful even when I am being crazy mummy!! It was quickly obvious that Peggy wasn’t going anywhere and even if she does need to work on a few of her doggy manners everyone just needs love and we will get there.

She has had her second obedience class and the team at K9 are fabulous and she has improved so much My favourite things are watching how proud my daughter is to take her for a walk and be trusted with her and seeing her snuggled on the chair in the blanket.

My little Peggy is home xx