So last year in October I went to a French Bulldog walk in Taunton, Somerset. I met the organiser who began to tell me about a great charity that rescues and rehomes French Bulldogs

Out of interest I thought I would join their Facebook group just to see.


My feet haven’t touched the floor since. I filled in the foster/adopt forms and also the volunteer forms that are on the website. There were so many dogs that needed help and I wanted to give back in some way.

I started collecting for FLOOF at each of our walks - even £10 a month was something.

On Christmas Eve one of the team phoned me and asked if I could emergency foster over Christmas. A seven hour round trip (my choice) later and I had FLOOF’s Olive in my care. Such a gorgeous little girl. She stayed a few weeks. I did assessments etc for the team and cared for her as my own. The love and affection i got back was so worthwhile.

Olive found a great home with her forever family and all was quiet for a while. I began doing homechecks and collecting donations for our auction.

Doing this was helping FLOOF raise even more funds. Therefore increasing the number of dogs we can help.

Then on Sunday 3rd February another emergency call. On the road in 10 mins. 5hr round trip and I collected the very aggressive and uptight Loki.

He came with so many problems and issues - all associated with his past - so sad to see what humans can do to a dog. 
Along with Loki came tears, laughter, frustration, and much more. This gorgeous little boy was hard work. But with the support of FLOOF we have overcome so much. We have worked in his aggression, taught him to lead walk nicely (most of the time). He now shared toys, and mixes with other dogs and is very very loving. 

I wasn’t planning on adopting at this time. I had just lost my 13 1/2yr old staff ..... but this little man looked at me with his big brown eyes and my heart melted. He won me over and now has a forever home. We still have work to do, but with FLOOF. Behind us supporting and encouraging I know he will get there. 

I am now more involved than ever. Home checks, foster team and much more.

If you are looking for some way to give back consider fostering ... it is the most rewarding thing you can ever do. The team choose the perfect home for the dog. You get a surprise and hopefully your next forever dog. 

Loki loves his fur sister and they have great fun. And I still have room in my heart and home to foster more FLOOF babies, when the time comes and the right frenchie comes along 🤞🤞

So, if you can’t foster, volunteer for road trains auction teams or any of our other needs

Don’t want to do that then go to amazon and see our wish list and buy something for our rescue babies. 

Please do what you can for this awesome charity.