Foster Homes Needed.

As we become busier, we need a larger supply of Frenchie lovers willing to open their home to a dog in need.

Fostering is an important role. It helps to play a vital part in the dog's rehabilitation, and helps improve their chance of finding a new home.

Many dogs that we take in have either suffered or are not used to any care or attention. Living with a foster family allows them to build up their confidence. and get used to a normal lifestyle.

However, there is a considerable amount of time and patience needed to foster a dog, and it’s not for everyone. We do have a great support team who will be happy to help you work through any problems you encounter.

All rescue dogs come with some ‘baggage’. Expect the odd accident, fight, chewed furniture, chewed shoes or clothes, sleepless nights, snoring, farting, smelly breath and vet trips. If you already own a dog, you'll also need to manage the introduction carefully.

The rescue has public liability insurance covering any damage or injuries caused by the dog outside of the home. However we have no cover for injuries or damage relating to incidents in the foster home.

If we have no surrender information on an incoming dog we always consider it cat and child untested, and we will not place the dog in a home with children under 12 or cats. Many dogs also need a dog free home. We aim to get a full behaviour assessment done at the time of surrender, or within the first 72 hours in foster.

While the dog is in foster it remains the property of FLOOF UK, and we do expect you to follow the Fostering Guidelines. We pay all the dogs veterinary bills up to the point where ownership is transferred to it’s new family.

Applying is a simple process, just complete and submit this form.

We'll then organise a homecheck visit, and go through the fostering process with you. We'll do a cursory ID check and ensure your property is suitable and safe.

Please make sure you have supplied two references (not relatives) with contact information, these will need to pass before we arrange a homecheck.

Once you've passed the homecheck, we'll add you to our database.  Then just wait for us to  contact you if a suitable dog comes up in your area and also keep a lookout on the page as dogs that come in are posted there first.

We cannot place dogs in homes that have not passed a homecheck.

A lot of our dogs in foster are adopted by their foster families, and it is our policy to offer first refusal on any dog in foster to their foster family.

Please also download and read our FOSTERING GUIDELINES.