What is a FLOOF foster family.

You can be single or single with children.

You can be a couple or a couple with children.

You can be dog or animal free or you can have pets.

Makes no difference as we put the dog in a family that is good for the dog.


You just need to have patience and lots of it. These dogs can sometimes be broken. They may have never know affection from humans and may have lived all their life in a crate in the back garden and do not know what is happening.

They may cower as they could have been beaten if they messed or not fed for days. And we may never get to know the truth. Our foster families are necessary to assess these dogs, and find out all they can about what they can and cannot cope with for their future life.

Or they could have come from a family, who through no fault of their own could no longer keep them.

Whilst in foster FLOOF will arrange any necessary health checks and vet visits and arrange neutering when advised by the vet, as we spay each and every dog in our care.

We love having you socialise with your FLOOF dog with other members of your family and any pets they may have. And, also coming along to any FLOOF events to meet up with any of the other pups in foster.